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This an apt description of Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow, who operates from a well-equipped home office, and when away from that office, with a backpack containing all the information technology that a modern legal guerilla fighter needs. The traditional legal office being an expensive hang over from Victorian times, when lawyers needed a library to contain law books (which now are on line), articled clerks, scribes and secretaries.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow is a life long firearms owner and hunter, having first been introduced to the sport when he was nine years of age.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow acts primarily for decent folk who hunt, target shoot, play paintball, or who operate businesses associated with these activities, including manufacturers, dealers, importers, and paintball operators, who are located primarily in East Coast Australia and Tasmania, who find themselves persecuted for their lifestyle by authorities under Australia's illogically written and politically correct firearms laws, which incidentally, peer reviewed research has shown to have done little or nothing toward increasing Australia's safety, but which costs the community a fortune to implement.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow understands the importance of your licence to you and your lifestyle, and its importance, amongst other things to your social activities.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow will therefore do everything within his ability to keep you shooting, trading or both.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow has had a career long interest in Firearms Law, and completed a major thesis on Firearms Law while reading law at Sydney's Macquarie University.

Now semi retired, Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow has in excess of thirty years experience as a lawyer. Eight years of this time was spent with a top national litigation law firm, where he handled a mix of family law, commercial litigation, personal injury and crime from their western Sydney office.

Following this, he practiced for ten years as a Senior Lawyer with the Commonwealth Government, where he was responsible for the conduct of regulatory law, including the conduct of Tribunal Appeals on behalf of the Commonwealth.

During this time, Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow also completed a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management, cherry picking courses relevant to regulatory law from the Master of Business Administration program that conducted the coarse.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow is therefore able to carefully craft arguements in respect to your case that adavance your cause by dovetailing relevant facts with law policy.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow also has experience acting for Legal Aid in NSW, both as an employed Solicitor in the Central West of NSW, and as A Solicitor. While he is no longer on the Legal Aid panel in NSW, he has extensive experience in criminal law.

Since leaving the Commonwealth Government, Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow has practiced in Family Law and Firearms Law. He now practices almost exclusively on firearms matters.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow has often been quoted in the media as an authority on firearms, and firearms law and has published reviews on Firearms as well as as writing on Firearms law matters, with articles appearing in such magazines as
Shooters Journal and Guns & Game, more recently, and for some years, Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow has been writing a blog that appears on the Sporting Shooter Magazine's website, and also publishes on Firearms Lawyers own Facebook page Firearms Lawyer Australia.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow regularly lobbies Government 'pro bono' (for free
) for shooters in respect to Firearms Law.

In many instances, the considerable technical knowledge of Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow has led to the recognition of technical errors within the prosecution, leading to the Prosecution being within drawn or dismissed.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Minslow is not a criminal lawyer claiming to do Firearms Law because it adds something to their website that may attract fees, as some criminal lawyers apperaing on line do. Firearms law is pretty much all Firearms Lawyer Australia does. Firearms Lawyer Australia does it because being a hunter is part of him, he shares your passion, and this is reflected in the passion with which Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow fights for YOU.

If thinking of someone else, there are other lawyers out there specialising in Firearms - a handful of us nationally, and before engaging a lawyer in this field, in order to ensure that you have found one of us. Here, it is best to remember the words of Samuel Colt, and "
Beware of imitations", and and ask them very specifically about their knowledge and experience in this highly specialist area, whether they shoot, what they shoot, and how often, because specialist knowledge counts.

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow can help you with:
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Simon Munslow
Barrister & Solicitor BA. LLB GCertPSectMgt
'I don't have a pretty office full of mahogany and leather, and I don't belong to a big law firm ...
I'm a lone gunman who fights the system and hates injustice'
- John Grisham
- All Criminal Law matters involving breaches of firearms or prohibited weapons, game and wildlife protection legislation

- All Administrative Law matters related to firearms, prohibited weapons and game laws

- Avoiding and revoking Apprehended Violence Orders

- Possession of unregistered Firearms

- Unsafe transportation and storage of firearms and ammunition

- Licence Appeals

- Freedom of Information of Information / Government Public Access matters

- Customs

- Advices and opinions related to Firearms Law matters